Free Milk

I never was in to the whole living with the guy thing. I had fears that if something went wrong, where would I go to live? You know that expression don’t give the cow free milk? There’s so many things that can go wrong. Sometimes it works for people, and sometimes it’s a nightmare. Playing housewife was never my thing. I wanted to be by my husbands side and eventually save up for a cute house when we got married. Simple childhood fantasies. Now moving in is considered dating. Dinner just means your hungry. It’s sad in way, but I can’t imagine how great it is to see the person you love every day. My two sisters never lived with their boyfriends, dated them for five years, and got married. I love that. No pressure with living with someone. My milk ain’t gonna be free like that to a guy.It never has been. The person I am moving in with is going to be my husband.


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