Girls pathetic need for a bf

girls who bounce from relationship to relationship is pathetic to me. I’m so independent I don’t need a man to complete or make me whole. Their company is just a plus to have around. If a girl can’t survive without being loved you’re not living the real world honey. LIFE is tough as hell. Love is great to have don’t get me wrong. But people can dissapoint you and leave you. Grow some balls. Although they do say vaginas are way tougher. We can take a pounding. I have complete confidence in myself now. Even without a bf. The pathetic thing is these 21-24 year old girls who are still growing and have no idea how to please a man end up getting fuckkng married. Oh me? I’m the confident independent one, and guys still choose the pussy who needs a Man constantly. Good luck with that buddy! They are needy demanding, and selfish. I wish you a journey of no hell in that mess 🙂 maybe…lol


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