I AM MAd MAD. VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY PISSED OFF TO NO END.. Why am I mad you might ask? I am SICK and tired of good people like me completely being taken advantage of. Here are the names of the guys who have basically treated me like dirt and didnt even care I existed. Leland, Casey, Austin, Josh, hmmm who else um oh yes Matt. What did I do? Nothing. Except be nice to them. Yah pretty sad isn;t it. At fucking 25 years old you would think I would have a mature relationship by now. NOPE. I completely lied to this one chick that I had a bf but really I lied to her get her fuking off my back. Oh I can be the most pleasant darling person to be around. But when you use me, you’re gonna wish you were never born. Why do I even bother getting to know these low lifes? It is such a waist of my journey. I had  this one guy hunter who actually wrote me letter in high school saying I was the most awesome person but he was in love with someone else. I loved that. He was completely honest with me and we remained staying friends. I love it when guys are honest. Because of technology today, guys can lie up ur ass in no time flat. It is very hard being in the dating world right now. That is why I am mad. Guys don’t respect girls anymore. All they wanna do is please themselves.


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