I don’t know if marriage is meant for me. It’s really hard  to grasp the idea that it could happen to me. But I am gonna be twenty-six this year. I haven’t had any divorces, or “almost engagements.” But when you’re a woman, and society is constantly throwing at you these pictures of celebrities getting married it’s draining. I always wanted a quiet wedding and spend most of the money on the honey-moon. Ten years ago I would’ve never even gone near the dream of saving up money for this awestruck occasion. But now that I’ve learned what a blessing it is to have a person in your life, it’s all I crave. I’m not gonna fake it that I’m perfectly independent every day. Sometimes I have those days where I cry in the car and wish I  had a husband to get me through the day too. But other days, I slap myself in the face and pick myself up. I think the bravest thing a woman can do during in her single years is realizing how far she came in life without a man. Marriage is a blessing, but being brave and moving forward on your own is a bit more. I use to think if I got married I’d be considered weak. I don’t know if I’m weak now or more lovable then I was ten years ago. ”


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