Seriously, I always thought I had good taste in people. UM NO. I absolutely have the worst. Yeah my taste in men….shouldn’t even be explained to you on here. It’s that bad. I’m the girl that they fake being liked too, and then they turn around say oh yah btw I’m in love with this other insecure chick, see ya. Yup, story of my life. You would think I would read the signs by now, by my AWFUL DIARIAH flowing bird poop taste in men. I said to myself go ahead, try the guy that doesn’t have the perfect body and life goals. And not even that works. It is beyond draining.

And then there’s these fake girls who pretend to be all confident, and behind their screens on their phones they are the most insecure girls you will ever meet, and end up in a relationship. YEAH baffling to me too. What really gets me is when they act all confident to keep the guy and when they’re in a safe relationshiop zone they begin to truly see the real side of the girl and dump em’. The dating world is beyond pathetic.



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