what happened to the nice people?

I have some very rare friends who are extremely  nice and would do anything for me. Those rare friends who except you for who you are, and encourage you to grow. Unfortunately I have met certain individuals who think they are better then me. when you are an outsider, of course people are going to treat you A different way. Because you are different then them. With all the shootings, rape, suicide deaths, and poverty going on…you would assume people would be decent and respect one another. It’s really sad how it keeps getting worse. What happened to all the nice people? I realize it’s not the 1950’s but still, everyone is so judgmenal these days wether you are christian or not. I believe media and this ridiculous society causes people to be paranoid and only know how to defend themselves by bringing one another down. Some day it’ll change….until then it’s reallly hard to be nice anymore. Anyone else agree? 


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