trusting God through rough patches

I think of tough situations we can’t handle as “rough patches.” That phrase when you say I’m going through a rough patch is no understatement. Wether it’s s guy leaving you, job issues, or sleep issues. Maybe you’re restling with who you really are. God has gotten me through rough patches even when I didn’t see it. Everytime something really awful happens I keep asking myself, why wouldn’t God be able to help you this time like all the others? My body just sometimes shuts down and wants life to go my way. When God fixes rough patches he doesn’t necessarily mend them our way. Have to remind myself all things work together for those who love God. I love God, but sometimes just like any dad we have I get very frusterated with his ways. God is also my dad and I can be a really pouty daughter sometimes. Lookin too see how my certain rough patch is going to turn out. I’ll keep you posted 


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