The Dating World

Seriously it has gotten really pathetic. It kind of sickens me. If you have a talent, or really good at something that the other person likes you for, seems like that’s all you gotta do these days. Nobody looks into the heart anymore or really pays attention to their flaws. That’s why relationships fail so easily because couples begin to realize their flaws. Suddenly theyre like oh,  I don’t think I can live with this person I only like them for their talents or looks. Certain relationships I know now I am waiting for to plummet because of those reasons. Now me? My flaws are I get attached really easily and I get a little clingy because I’m excited to be with the person. I also complain when I’m hungry, upset, or down. Completely normal right? I still haven’t found a guy who is willing to be with me. Even with my good heart and intentions NOTHING. That is why I view the dating world is pathetic. Everyone is dating someone because they seem appealing to their interests. That unforunately ladies and gentlemen does not last long . So Have fun breaking up next summer


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