Where Are All These Assholes Coming From?

I get myself back out there right? Ya know show the best side of yourself and you still can be an asshole magnet? Let me give you a story. I got to know this “person” thing doesn’t deserve a title really. I thought things were going well and then suddenly no texts no nothing, and he never even tells me he’s back with his gf. Now I know if you’re a hook up you don’t have to put much effort into getting to know the person. But you can at least be a decent human being and let the other person know right? Oh the amount of assholes I have run into without even seeing the red flags. It’s hard when you’re so blind and don’t want to see them as a thoughtless person. I’m sorry if you keep encountering assholes that don’t give a crap about you. You deserve more then that shit. Unforunately guys are a little smarter then us then why have predicted. Guys know you are a nice girl so they’ll stomp all over that shit without you even knowing it. They deserve nothing more then nasty mean thoughts. DO NOT be nice to them. How long did they consider being nice to you? Like not even a second. You gotta learn where the guy stands so you can understand if he’s an asshole that doesn’t care. First sign is, they don’t say no because they’re afraid to hurt your feelings. Second sign is they talk about their problems and pretend to listen to yours. They’ve gotta pass the time to wait for the girl they really want right? Just a few tips on how to find out if an asshole has come across your path. I wish your sweet hearts good luck ladies…be tough!


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