Labeling this annoyed, because that is exactly how I’ve felt for the past two months. You know when you feel accomplished, ready to conquer the world and yet life still doesn’t go your way? Oh yah! Happens to me all the time loves. I’m 26 and of course obviously thought I’d be married by now. No it’s not happening. I have goals and amazing things to offer someone but I haven’t found the right one. Two many blind dumb idiots have come my way. It’s kind of mind boggling. I am saving for retirement and thinking about my future every day. I keep thinking how a stupid guy is missing out on me. That is what really triggers my annoyance. As soon as I be myself with someone they are really quick to bounce back to their ex or something. I just have had enough. I am so done running into the wrong guy especially when it wasn’t obviously intentional. Like seriously a guy needs to suck up some balls and tell me he’s taken already. I’m pretty sure I’ve met men who spoke English. Now I’m not so sure. :p (sarcasm) the end.


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