Nobody cares that you have a high GPA, great health care knowledge, or skills on  just about anything. That doesn’t make you better then the other person. Knowing all those things helps you survive life, not put others down. If you throw all of that knowledge and skill away because you think your  too good to share to others, screw you.  Everyone learns on different levels, and not everyone is on the same page. So get off the really high horse and don’t sprain your ankle sliding off it. When you’re dead, it doesn’t matter how much stuff you got wrong or right. Because obviously you are dead. What matters is how much you reached out to people gaining those skills, and really living a legacy. If you think you are better then most people, have fun with maybe two people at your funeral and your cat. Now I realize, this takes years of maturing noticing that you are no better then the homeless man walking on the street. You never know that could’ve been you. You don’t know everyone’s story or how they got there. And you complain about being lonely? It’s because certain people who have accomplished so much think everyone else is below them. Think about it, how do you want people to remember you when your under the dirt? So yah just a little food for thought with this blogging post.


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