Why am I so shallow?

It’s easy to be shallow, and by into all the “This is how your prince should look standards.” Disney  and fairy tales especially portray how your prince should be tall dark and handsome ready to rescue you through turmoil.  I bought into this and rejected quite a few imperfect men and broke some hearts. You may think of me as an evil person but are we not all allowed to have our own taste? I do feel bad rejected perfectly good guys who aren’t tall and handsome like the story books say you should have. I care about what my friends think too much on who I date. I am in my mid twenties, and you would think this immature habitual thought would be gone away. I met this one guy who was barely 5ft 5, and I am 5ft1. Not bad,  I just know that people can be mean when looks don’t meet up to society’s standards. What should I do, follow my heart or my shallow standards and leave a person because he isn’t tall dark and handsome? It’s hard when you see other girls who didn’t even WORK for a hot guy and they end up together in a blink of an eye. I got jealous of those girls. I’m cute short and fun to be around. I got a little cocky and automatically thought I would have a version of Disney’s prince in my real life in no time. But that isn’t exactly the case. So I still don’t know why I can’t let go of my shallow insecurities. Hoping my future relationships with average guys turns out a lot smoother. We’ll see where life takes me.


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