When your happiness matters

Being happy and someone wanting you to be happy is the most fulfilling place to be in. When they don’t care about you anymore its gut renching. I feel you and it’s hard. Suddenly a person you cared about could care less about your happiness. But then someone new comes in to your world and offers you everything. This is happening to me at the moment. Poor guy doesn’t know how hard it is for me to let him in. I’ve cared for other peoples happiness for so long that I didn’t care to think about mine. It’s nice for once that my happiness matters to someone. I wish every day it could’ve mattered to someone else too. But no. It takes a lot of recovery when your happiness and love doesn’t mean a thing to a man you actually wanted.  I try not to obssess over men who have rejected my offerings of love and joy.  Girls who’ve been through this totally understand. I guess this guy could be the one since he values my happiness so lovingly. Why do we dwell on relationships where our happiness didn’t matter? It’s easy. We get cocky and assume no one can hurt sweet nice people like us. (In general) I don’t want to change even when a jerk didn’t value my happiness. I think it takes a really strong person too move forward and know your being happy will matter to the right one


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