Day One with No Cell-phone

It was actually quite riveting. I felt like my neck got a break from looking at Instagram crap and pointless other social media riff rough. It’s been about six hours without a phone. Fortunately my family still has a house phone I can use which was made in sometime of the 90’s.

Today in the park as I basked in the sun, I saw a father and sun playing with a kite and having a wonderful bonding time. It was adorable to witness. If I had glanced at my phone the  whole time while walking, I wouldn’t have seen a cute interaction between dad and son. The breeze and the 72 degree air was just what the doctor ordered. I had definitely enjoyed the vitamin D that embraced my skin. When I was severely depressed all I did was look down at my phone and wine and complain to people. I don’t want to be that person anymore. I actually want to appreciate and recognize things go on around me. 

I do miss taking selfies but we did that with cameras before phones were even a thing. I strongly encourage people to take a break from their phone. it saves me me money from wanting things, and enjoy the present.


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