Day 5 of not using phone

So far, its been interesting not wasting  my life away on the phone. I’ve traveled to a few places and appreciated nature around me. Communicating with people is fun, but noticing whats around you is more rewarding. I used to text to people all the time to escape from reality. That is definitely not a healthy habit to pick up. I need to depend on good weather, a comfy bed, food to survive, and friends to write letters to to cheer me up. I strongly encourage this exercise to others. You will find yourself less disappointed  always depending on technology. Using dictionary books not the web is good for your brain, and actually sitting reading a book is too. Yoga outside helps release endorphin’s instead of doing it on the computer. Just some suggestions in case you are incredibly finished and annoyed with your electronics you’ve regretfully purchased. Just take a break from all the social media and constant updated devices. It teaches you patience.

The end.


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