Very Blessed

I’ve had a very blessed life. I had a wonderful private Christian school. It wasn’t always perfect but I wouldn’t trade the friends I made there for the world. Let alone the experiences. I had a functional six member family who all went to church. Eventually I gained a niece and a nephew. I had all these accomplishments like graduating high school, and going to community college because I HATE big universities. But I’m human and often got lonely. My two sisters ran off and married their husbands. I was left alone. They didn’t understand how much I longed  to have what they had. It takes a very strong person to strive through life by yourself. It wasn’t until about today that I realized how blessed I am, and need to stop playing the lonely victim. Even when you have such a blessed life it’s hard to get through it without that romance goal every teenage girl wants. Well, somehow I’ve gotten this far. I have a man now in my life that wants to give me everything. I slowly want something to happen, but I am getting used to not being alone for so long.


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