When you feel it

I don’t know about you. But at moments, can u feel it when a person is thinking about you? You don’t know wether to call, text, or write them on social media. You just want them to know you are there for them. I’m in a tough spot like that. You can feel them wanting you talk to them, but its easy to NOT make a first move since they did so some damage to you in the past. Sometimes people really need to grow up and make their own decisions. I know what I’m worth, and if they can’t over come their fears of feelings what’s the point?  If you know and feel  for the person is meant to be in your life, then wait for them.  Holding the past against a person won’t make the relationship better. sometimes I feel useless when I feel that person needs me more then ever. I have the urge to yell at their face, ” I told you so for choosing her.” Of course that could be another reason why they avoid you because the last thing they need is scornful remarks. Sometimes when you say what you feel, people avoid you for that very reason. They don’t want to except reality or the truth. An honest friend from the past can be intimidating. sad when a person chooses fake friends to only hear what they wanna hear . Your feelings matter. When you feel it..just say what you gotta say to the person you love. The truth hurts my loves, it does. 


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