Diary of a Broke Girl


There isn’t much in this little town. It can be a good thing and a bad thing. When big things happen in a little town, it’s talked about for months.I’ve lived in this town for twenty years. That is a long time. Maybe a little more then that.

There’s been some excitement, and some extremely boring days. I’ve met some good friends, and not so great ones.

I’ve found appealing hobbies, and really weird ones. The truth is even living in really small town; there is not much work to get. I am dog on broke. So broke I can’t even afford something broke.

You may ask why I am in  this shameful situation that has  taken place in my life. It’s because of budgeting. I don’t know how too, and shopping was a stress relief. Just like most girls, shopping was fun and something to do. There isn’t much to do around here anyway. Shopping was a big hobby you could say, I didn’t know how to make my priorities first at fifteen, I just wanted to have FUN.

I was kind of a loner growing up. I knew I wasn’t the hottest thing on the planet, so I didn’t’ really socialize to gain confidence. With all this time on my hands, I’ve learned things about how to keep your body healthy more then a doctor ever could. I had too in order to not pay any doctor bill visits’. I’ve learned so many DIY methods and systems it’s saved me a few dollars too.

Reality hits you like a brick when you hit over twenty-one. You realize how freaking expensive everything is. So begins the diary of a broke girl in her twenties…this is a true story folks…..(to be continued…) 








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