Diary of a Broke Girl part 3.I hate making myself motivated

That’s right. It all says it right there in the title. I’m 26 and I still hate motivating myself. Saving money is really not an easy motivating skill to have. I get bored of old things I’ve had, and want new things. But sometimes you’ll have your broke moments. So when I do feel motivated on very rare occasions, I like to be artistic. You can be creative with anything and save money. I’ve done that for a long time since I still live under my parents roof because living on the east coast is ridiculously expensive. Anything above South Carolina you can kiss your leisure spending money goodbye. Pinetrest has saved me money because of this failed economy. Try it out. Be creative. Create something for someone else. Make a card off the computer. Edit photos online for free there are tons of websites and make family albums. Organize and create a clothing donation place for people in need. Acrylic pain bottles the tiny ones are fifty cents. Get printer paper and paint someone a simple master piece, or for yourself. Sometimes its healthy to have creative hobbies. It relaxes the brain for me at least. When you’re broke, you gotta be a little more open minded on spending your time with cheap but fun stuff to do. DSCN2349


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