Caring About Someone And Letting Go

I cared about a guy a lot. But in a friend way, not the deep passionate love kind. I felt sorry for him, and wanted to show him there was so much better things out there. I started to date him, but no unconditional love could be given, because I only loved him as a friend. It’s sad, because he wanted to give me the world. I wanted to feel something for him. I wanted to feel like I was always home, and never wanted anything else. That was the problem. I kept wanting something else every day. Something wasn’t making me happy when I was with him. I only loved him as a friend. I didn’t want to let go, but life was telling me it’s time to take another path. There were really good times that we had, but I couldn’t face up to really admit and show him I loved him just like he did with me. It just didn’t feel right. At first I wanted to see him because I was settling and didn’t want to be alone..Thats a whole other story. Had to let him go. We both needed happiness and he didn’t see we were both miserable and settling. It’s a depressing thing to do through, I’d rather be single then try to love someone so you’re not lonely. Just go and let life run its course…think that’s the strongest thing a person could ever do. 


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